Hymn for Rosa.

 Legendary song, You are missed.

I imagine a mountain of doves released into the sky

The night you soared out of your ribcage

You were testament of a place beyond flesh

A place for those who relished reckless abandon

For the fearless

I imagine you head banging

Your brunette strands

Falling on your freckles

I imagine you dancing

With an assembly of a thousand angels

Some, you’ve summoned to comfort the ones you love

It feels like you were never from here

Borrowed for a moment

In those last moments you must have been whispering

The covenant you made with the almighty

Your spirit knew didn’t it?

Hippy queen in ripped stockings and fur

Your red lipstick


As you kissed the earth farewell

Even that


Probably rocked to the gates of heaven

Turned the handle

Cigarette in hand

And said

“What up dawg”

God looked up, smiled

And thought

What beauty, what grace,

What life,

-lived wholly.

Not one bit wasted

You knew

That there was a kingdom

This is why you wore your crown

And rockstar without apology

Left your sonnets and legacy

If I could sum you up in poetry

It would be legendary

I am certain you are resting in peace

A soul as easy as you, you must be

And occasionally stirring the peace

With your ruckus awesomeness

But I am certain the silence does not mind.

Your sudden absence-



Gut pounding

And indigestible

Your existence will always be remembered

In the midst of this void

You carved your breath in this life so thoroughly

That even in absence you are still here

Every second of every day your life is beating

 In memories, conversations, poems, collages

Thoughts, tears, laughter, silence

And prayers


Thank you

For all that you gave and left behind.

Hymn For Rosa Carlyle-Mitchell



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