Un-blocking Freedom Of Expression

“Sometimes those snaps and people loving you are not true because people expect you to be a poem when you’re a person. They think you’re that metaphor you spit in the second stanza of your poem. But, actually, when you take her home she is just a person who gets angry and sometimes her anger doesn’t look pretty. She laughs like crazy–she’s just a person.” “I think there is a romanticized notion of what spoken word is when it’s really–not to reduce it to nothing–a gift and a calling like being a teacher. There is no red carpet on the other side of the mic. There’s you going home to write more poems; to figure out How am I going to win that SLAM? Not because of anything but because you are trying to chase this thing that won’t let you sleep at night.”

-Cape Town, South Africa

Photographer: Retha…

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