An overdue love letter.

Dear silence

It has taken me a long time to realise that

Noise has a nasty way of creeping up on people

Or maybe it is the other way around

I am present now

I hope time allows for all my delayed responses

I hope time is forgiving of my prolonging

I hope that hope does not mind my using her name in vain

But I know no sweeter blasphemy


I am relearning the taste of peace

I had forgotten that it is an acquired melody

My breathing is the house I jiggle nude in

Life keeps meeting me at the front door

Asking me to come in.

I have done nothing to earn its daily visit

Last week I knelt on the bathroom floor

I prayed over a white sink smudged with toothpaste and tears

I said God out loud.

I can’t remember when last I did that.

It was all the prayer I needed.

Two days ago. God took my hand and said

You are everything and enough. Let go.

I feel like a King dining in a kingdom I do not deserve

But serves me its best

Over and over again

Even when I am a mess

Especially when I am a mess

How I am all at once mess and fragile marrow,

Magic and miracle

But 70% mess on a good day.

Dear Silence.

Healing is a choir chanting my name in caps and exclamation marks

Love is stapling all my scattered pages

It does not mind that they are not numbered

Tomorrow is an unexpected gift

One I am excited to receive

But not entitled to.

Dear silence

I have missed you



Let’s talk

I want to hear what’s on your mind.


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